Welcome to Art Expressions

I consider my work as contemporary detailed abstract.

By blending of bold shimmering colors with soft and hard-edged images, I hope to inspire you to get lost in a captivating uplifting and unpredictable way and to feel the movement and rhythm of the piece

Artist Bio

I have loved to draw and doodle all my life.  Back in school we received plain brown paper to wrap our books. Other kids saw mine and would “commission” me to draw on theirs (extra lunch money), however, many of them ended up being confiscated.   This was during my “raw” period.  One of my fine ink drawings of two pheasants won several contests and supposedly went on to the Smithsonian, but we will never know for sure.

I studied art for two years, but the reality of life and having an interest in becoming an entrepreneur diverted me from becoming a professional artist.  Some of the influences in my artistic style are Peter Max, Art Nouveaux, and Art Deco for their bold, free feeling and rich colors.

As I look at my past work, I realize that the mood of my paintings has changed and now reflects a happy time in my life, but still with a little craziness mixed in.